Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I wanted to up the castor on the zeon so i have a back order placed for Kazama C hubs because the blue are out of stock.While i wait for them to come i decided to get some 13 degree Eagle Racing c hubs for the time being as i needed to order one of their stealth mount kits for my other chassis as they are the ones i like. Buying a few items makes the shipping cost more worth while too, I usually try to steer clear of the eagle stuff as i'm not a huge fan of the quality and finish. Had a few small issues with the C hubs first off the suspension pins barely fitted through the hubs and second the mounting point for the steering knuckles was too wide for the Kazama knuckles, they fit perfectly with the Street Jam hubs.So what i ended up doing was slightly bending the C hub closed a little,they work fine now but its another reason to steer clear of the cheaper stuff,i guess you get what you pay for but hey will do until the other hubs arrive and they didn't cost much.