Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Crimson Lightening arrived...

My RC-Art crimson lightening arrived today, I've been wanting one of these for ages now but they haven't done another production run on a year or so, pics of the new prototype have popped up to but can't get word on a release. Browsing yahoo auctions this one popped up for a reasonable price so I jumped on it.
Here it is fresh out the box, I was relived to see it is in great condition only a few marks here and there seems the last owner took good care of it.i gave it a clean and look over everything seems to be fine. Started to fit the electronics out of the VDF Keyence 10.5T & Tachyon Aria, still needs a few things and tidy ups.
So here's my current chassis VDF roller (sold this week) OTA Zeon and the Crimson Lightening. Need to see if I can get the Kazama bits anodised red.

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