Tuesday, 25 March 2014


With limited CS options available / still in production or actually knowing what fits the zeon without being able to read Japanese it's hard to know how to get a higher CS ratio on the zeon. Zeon and GRK's have very similar gear cases and i think the early GRK'S actually used street jam cases altho i could be wrong.
So i went with some R31 House GRK gears to up my ratio,I already have the Street Jam under drive set for the front that gives you 1.45 CS and have now added added R31 House 19T & 39T gears in the rear to give me 1.73 CS.
I'll give a quick run down of what i did to make the R31 House gears fit the zeon.

First off this is the standard R31 House gear that is modded it also comes with an aluminium 39T ring gear not pictured as there are no mods needed to fit it.
What needs to be done is the lip closest to the teeth needs to be machined/ground back closer to the teeth so that the bearing sits closer to the teeth and the gear doesn't sit so far into the case to allow a proper mesh.

This is after i ground back the lip so that the bearing can sit further up the shaft it sits in the correct position within the case and meshes with the other gear properly. 

 i also took a little off the end of the slotted end of the gear to let the drive cup sit in the proper position. this was done without measurement just test fit and taking small amounts off at time.

The bearing now sits past the first groove you can see on the shaft and meshes with the other gear well within the gear case etc. This all would have been a lot easier with a small lathe and would look alot nicer but it works, it was all done with the gear placed in a drill and a file. I don't take any responsibility for anyone's ruined gears if they want to try this haha it just what i did.