Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tail Slider & D' Magic Treats & "finished" CE-RX

Got a little order of parts in from Tail Slider and R'Wing / D'magic

Got the TS ZEON front brace as there are clearance issues with the knuckle tie rod once you run the aftermarket steering wiper these curve the other way to give you a heap more clearance.

And picked up the TS spur holder for no reason other than i like it haha

Got the D'Magic light bucket set for a S14 project

And a wing for my 180SX project

All the re-anodized parts are fitted to the CE-RX now so it's pretty much how i want it now

The red isn't a perfect match but close enough happy with how this servo horn turned out seeing it was Tamiya blue after a de-anodize and polish it came up nice .

Thanks to Ando @ Tetsujin for getting me the parts

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